The Opole Studies in Administration and Law

Opolskie Studia Administracyjno-Prawne [The Opole Studies in Administration and Law] is a periodical (a quarterly since 2012) edited by Department of Law and Administration of Opole University. It deals with matters pertaining to social studies and is addressed primarily to lawyers and specialists in administrative law, but also to historians, political scientists and sociologists.

The goal of the journal is to create a forum of scientific discussion and offer a possibility to have results of scholar studies in the above-mentioned field published. It is the particular ambition of the editors of The Opole Studies in Administration and Law to achieve a high professional level of the journal through taking care of the quality of the articles admitted for publication, as well as securing the highest standards of scientific reliability. The journal also aims at development of scientific cooperation between leading centres in Poland and in Europe. The thematic scope of The Opole Studies in Administration and Law is fairly extensive and covers all specializations within the sciences of law and administration. In the columns of the journal one will find scientific articles, voices, contributions, reviews and reports on important events.

We would like to kindly ask everybody interested in cooperation to send in materials rendered in one of the following languages: Polish, English, French, German or Russian. Publication of texts in The Opole Studies in Administration and Law is free of charge. The scientific articles should include a short abstract (max. 1 page long) and keywords in the Polish language, or in the original language of the publication (if it is not Polish), as well as in the English language. Moreover, we would require adding the current address for correspondence, the e-mail address, and also indicating the domain and specialization which the article is related to. In the case of scholars and scientific workers, we would like you to attach your affiliation(s) (the name and address of the university or institution). In the case of co-authorship, it is necessary to indicate the leading author (if there is one). Sending in the text for publication entails agreeing to have the abstract and other information published in the Internet databases which The Opole Studies in Administration and Law cooperates with. The information on published works is available online in the following international databases:

  • The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities [CEJSH] - abstracts
  • The Central and Eastern European Online Library [CEEOL] - full versions of articles
  • The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS)

  • The Opole Studies in Administration and Law belongs to the B-list of scientific journals (with no IF), ranking 8 points.

    • Andrzej Bator (Wrocław Univeristy)
    • Silvestre Bello Rodríguez (Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
    • Tadeusz Bojarski (Maria Curie-Skłodowska University of Lublin)
    • Maria del Carmen Lázaro Guillamón (Universitat "Jaume I" Castellón de la Plana)
    • Stanisław Hoc (Opole University)
    • Lothar Knopp (Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus)
    • Wojciech Kowalski (The Silesian Univeristy of Katowice)
    • Włodzimierz Kuryło (Akademik Akademii Nauk Wyższych Szkół Ukrainy)
    • Vasilica Negrut (Danubius University)
    • Tomasz Sokołowski (Adam Mickiewicz Univesity of Poznań)
    • Jerzy Zajadło (The University of Gdańsk)
    • José Luis Zamora Manzano (Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
    • Nicolae Ioana, (Transilvania Uniwersity of Brasov /Rumunia)
    • Ewa Kozerska – historical sciences and political-legal doctrines
    • Stefan Grochalski – European and international law
    • Przemysław Malinowski, Marta Woźniak –public law
    • Piotr Stec – private law
    • Marta Woźniak
    • Tomasz Orłowski
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